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Steve DelBuono 

Jon and Ken welcome Steve as their bass player. Steve's bass playing adds a strong rhythmic and harmonic foundation to the band. Additionally, Steve is an exuberant lead singer, and adds background and harmony vocals as well.

Steve is fond of playing his vintage Hofner Beatle bass, which plays he left handed like his idol, Paul McCartney. Steve has a lot of fun playing in the band, and is usually dancing around with a smile on his face.

Both Jon and Ken congratulate Steve on the hard work he put into earning his position as "the man on bass"!

Here's a few pictures of Steve, click on any one to enlarge and use the back button on your browser to return.


steved3.jpg (76728 bytes)

Art's in the Park 2004


steved1.jpg (87170 bytes)

Grumpy's pig roast


steved2.jpg (64361 bytes)

catching flies


steved4.jpg (58177 bytes)

paying attention!


steved5.jpg (111958 bytes)

here's Steve singing lead with "The Happening". Groovy!


steved6.jpg (128284 bytes)

from the original series of promo pictures of "The Happening"


steved8.jpg (66043 bytes)

Steve doesn't usually play his Rickerbacker


steved9.jpg (106193 bytes)

Steve "grooving" with Jon at one of their last gigs with "The Happening"


Come and see Steve at our next gig!

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