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I'm Jon Lewis, and I  am a Connecticut based performer with an extensive repertoire in many different styles of music. From folk to rock to sacred, I enjoy singing and playing all types of music. I am also a solo performer, and have played in a couple of bands.

Jon is also a member of the choir at St. Joseph's Church in Bristol, where Jon sings in the bass section, and is also a cantor, and works under the direction of Jean Degan. Jon  has been involved in the recording of CD's for the Music Quest program for Small Christian Communities. 

I play acoustic guitar with the fine percussion work of Kenneth Punt. Together we are called "Acoustic Rhythm". Actually, it's more of a little rock and roll band... I am very lucky to play with such a gifted musician. We are joined on bass by Steve DelBuono, and we play local clubs.

I was involved in a four-piece rock band named, The Happening, who play rock and roll from the "Decade of Love" (the 1960's) from 2000-2004. I enjoyed playing music with them, including my brother, Kevin, but I decided to leave. I wish all of them the best of luck.

Jon posts outdoors photos here:

When Jon's not playing music he plays with computers a bit