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Picture Gallery: Saint Anthony's Italian Festival

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This was the first year Acoustic Rhythm played the Saint Anthony Italian Festival, and we think it went pretty well.

safest-05-1.jpg (98064 bytes)

Here's Ken and Jon, singing, or catching flies


safest-05-2.jpg (149809 bytes)

Steve looks puzzled, probably because Jon's playing something they've never done before.


safest-05-4.jpg (132696 bytes)

We asked Mike Torres (L) to help us out on the percussion.


safest-05.jpg (106441 bytes)

Ken was excited to use his "double bass" kit


safest-05-6.jpg (424524 bytes)

Jon playing with his biggest fan next to him.


safest-05-7.jpg (417712 bytes)

We asked Mike to play to bring greater diversity to the band: Mike's from East Hartford


safest-05-8.jpg (95912 bytes)

...and then there's Steve, bass player de-luxe!


safest-05-9.jpg (115534 bytes)

The Pepsi Generation?