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about: Jon Lewis

Jon Lewis is a Connecticut based performer with an extensive repertoire in many different styles of music. From folk to rock to sacred, he enjoys singing and playing a wide variety of music. He is also a solo performer and has played in a couple of bands.

Jon is also a member of the Music Ministry at St. Joseph Church  in Bristol. Under the direction of Jean Degan, he sings bass in the adult choir, leads weekend worship as a cantor and accompanies on guitar. Jon has been involved in the professional recording of several CD's for the Music Quest program for Small Christian Communities of the Archdiocese of Hartford and other recording projects.
He plays acoustic guitar with the fine percussion work of Kenneth Punt. Together they are called "Acoustic Rhythm". Actually, Acoustic Rhythm is more like a "little" rock and roll band. Jon feels very lucky to be playing with such a gifted musician as Ken. They are joined on bass by Steve DelBuono and they play local clubs.

Jon was involved in a four-piece rock band named, The Happening, who plays rock and roll from the "Decade of Love" (the 1960's) from 2000-2004. While Jon was with The Happening he enjoyed playing music with them, including Jon's brother, Kevin. He wishes all of them the best of luck.

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