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"Acoustic Rhythm" is a little 3-piece band with a BIG sound. We're having fun playing music all over central Connecticut.

Acoustic Rhythm logo: It's only folk 'n roll but we like it
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What's New?

Spring 2006 - we're having a busy year, playing every weekend. Added some new pictures. More gigs. More gigs.

Ken's Quotes!

More gigs! we're pretty busy up until December 0f 2006

Check out the Telecaster! Jon's been using Ken's Fender Nashville Telecaster, and it sounds great!

Booked until December of 2006! Ken is doing a great job keeping our calander busy, and we're lucky to have clubs that like to book many dates in advance.

Keep an eye on the featured shirts from our store at We try to keep them interesting, and keep the price as low as we can. (we don't mark them up at all.) We've already bought some stuff for ourselves, and it looks great!

November 24, 05 The fun is never ending, as we play every weekend from mid-August to late November...and we're still having fun. We are fortunate to have a large "pool" of songs to pick from, and are blessed with the ability to play new songs on the spot. This keeps it fun and fresh for us.

THE STORE IS OPEN! In response to popular request to t-shirts, and the like, we've opened a merchandise section where you can buy shirts, coffee mugs, etc. on line.

Sept 24 05 We had a wonderful time playing at St. Joseph's Fall Festival. Our friend Jean Degan joined us on vocals for a couple of rocking numbers...great fun!

Sept 17 05: Added pictures from "Bark in the Park", Liberty Blues at Bark in the Park, more Wolcott Fair pics

Sept. 5, 2005 - Jon adds some of his photos (not of the band) to the links page. serious black and white stuff!

Sept 01, 2005 - added some pictures from Grumpy's Pub gigs, seeing how we'll be there soon.

August 29, 2005 - added new gigs for Tom's Cafe in Plainville

August 28, 2005: cleaned up and revamped a few things. The site is now edited and composed entirly using Debian Linux, gFTPMozilla Composer, and the GIMP

August 24, 2005 added Pictures from the Wolcott Fair!

August 20, 2005 - we added some more dates at Airport Cafe and Grumpy's, more to be scheduled at Elmer's

August 2005 - We're working on some new places to play. We have a new gig at Elmer's Place in New Britain, and the Wolcott Fair.

July 2005 - Double header - we played a friday night gig at The Free Spirit in Vernon, followed by a private party the next day. We had our usual great fun at both gigs.

6-24-05 "I fought the law and the law won!" We were in the middle of our second set at Styker's in Berlin, when agents from the liquor control commision raided the place and closed it down. Acoustic Rhythm escaped unscathed, however. ***footnote: all future gigs at Strykers get mysteriously cancelled.....hmmm.....

6-4-05 We're really please with how well the St. Anthony Festival went. Acoustic Rhythm was well received by all ages. We were concerned because we were filling some big shoes: Rhythm Overdrive. More dates added for Airport Cafe, and Free Spirit.

3/14/05 Ken and Jon worked up a new logo to be used for our new 3'x6' banner that we're having made. It's the same logo that graces the top of this web page. What do you think?

 3/05 we played our second successful date at the Free Spirit in Vernon. Added dates for Stryker's. We're going to start working on a stage banner with our logo to hang behind the stage.

2/05 busy, busy, busy! thanks to Ken's hard work hitting the pavement we're booked up through November...there's still a few open dates, so if you're planning a party, and want us to play, don't wait!

1/05 We play our first Free Spirit gig, with Jon struggling with a pinched nerve in his neck. Working on Wolcott Fair dates, and checking into others. Results to be posted soon.

see calendar for details of dates we're playing

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