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Ken Punt

Ken Punt is the driving force and and vision behind Acoustic Rhythm. additionally, Ken is the administrative leader of the band, handling all of the business details and bookings. His contacts and relationships with club owners are the key to the band keeping busy. 

The acoustic guitar/percussion thing was Ken's idea. Ken is the drummer that makes the whole 3 piece concept work. Whether he's played the song a million times, or for the first time, Ken brings "groove" and life to the songs. He also builds his own drums, and if it doesn't exist - he invents it. Some of Ken's drums are pictured here.

Here's some pictures of Ken - click on any to enlarge

Acoustic Rhythm's first gig - Duffy's, West Hartford

a smaller setup for church music. Do I hear an "Amen!"?

the "mini double bass kit"

double bass kit in action

the Pearl 16 red, white and blue kit

another view of the Pearl 16

Ken: "Here I am in my home Laboratory. This is where I try out the new items I purchase to find out all the sounds it can produce before I take it out into the real world"

"drum mountain" Ken toured with this set for 3 years

Ken at Woodstock???
here's Ken playing drums as the backbone of Rhythm Overdrive

Ken's Quotes
Someone has to be first and someone has to be last.

Ask not what you can do for your country --But ask what you can do for Me.

You can't get out of this world alive.

Death is terminal.

My mind is a terrible thing and it should be stopped --in our life time

Superman was never afraid of bullets but he always ducked when they threw the gun at him.

Why do I park in a driveway and drive on a parkway.

When I die I will donate my body to science fiction.

Why do people flush with their  foot--you don't know where the floor has been.

I used to jog every morning--now I take the car,Gives me more time to eat a bigger breakfast.

When the going gets tuff --the Drummers beat it!

-Ken Punt

come see Ken "live" at our next gig!

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